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NEWSFLASH, WORLD! Living with Models just got its first big review. It all started with a tweet from WebVeeGuide.com saying, “Is @LivingwModels the best reality show ever? Check Susan’s review, then see for yourself! #comedy #models”

Could it be that everyone’s fave Castle dwellers have finally taken over?  Sammi weighs in on the review herself below:

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Is Lauren the Bachelorette?

After weeks of speculation as to which one of the cast members is the lucky bachelor/bachelorette, sources have come forward to reveal that it is, in fact, Lauren! Producers have yet to confirm this information, however this writer has done a little digging  (and really…it just makes the most sense).

From the start, fans have been very invested in who Lauren will end up with. In fact, in Season 1 Episode 5 (“Hot Lauren”) Lauren’s blind date, Dominic, reportedly received millions of angry letters chastising him for standing her up. When Cliff began to show interest, fans automatically began forming “Team Cliff” websites and fan forums to discuss the show. Therefore it just seems like perfect timing, (and great writing), that she will be forced to make a decision between Cliff and her first love, Gus, in the Season 2 finale. Continue reading



Watch out James Bond… there’s a new agent in town!

Viewers were left stunned as they watched their ditzy Sammi turn into a daring super spy right before their eyes. After expertly calculating the exact right moment to be in her room, Sammi waited in the perfect hiding spot as Javalene lead an intoxicated Cliff into a trap. After entering the room, Cliff passed out and Javalene’s true self finally emerged (Parental warning: Her true self likes to swear). And viewers were left wondering what happened to Cliff after Sammi managed to escape the room with her gymnastic feat of epic proportions.

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Round one: Producer Cole versus Hot Lauren!

And Hot Lauren knocks Producer Cole out with one punch ladies and gentleman.
There’s only three words to describe the ending of last Tuesday’s episode of Living with Models: Game over Cole. Her eyes filled with tears as she watched Robby, the love of her life, run out the door with that delectably blurry minx. Fans will remember Hot Lauren from Season One, when she stole Robby’s heart and left him heartbroken on the floor. But honestly, can anyone really blame him for coming back to her? Hot Lauren had Robby hooked the minute she yelled “wooooo” in the foyer. In fact, ladies who wish to seduce a man should take note of her amazing strategy.

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Every blue moon there is a man who comes around that has the ability to step up to the plate. Someone who sees a problem, finds the courage within, and solves it with such grace and humility that he resembles a comic book super hero. Tuesday, that man was Gus Eggbert Fearn. Intervention specialist Robby had tried to persuade Donald with an honest and heartfelt angle, but was unable to finish his letter due to high emotions. The always lovely Javalene gave a somewhat confusing yet darling speech that didn’t seem to get through to him. And just when the group had lost all hope, Gus decided enough was enough. As he stared down his acquaintance and said, “Sit your patootie down mister,” girlish sighs could be heard far and wide.

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Method Acting Addiction is no joke folks. At least that is what I learned this week after watching Episode 7, “There’s Something Else About Michal.” The tension was palpable as the cast of LWM slowly uncovered the dark truth about Michal/ “Donald Tikins.” Fans could hardly believe their eyes as they watched him suddenly transform from a piece of Polish man meat into a tortured and addiction ridden actor. “It’s just something people don’t understand,” Donald stated as he clearly began to get emotional in the confessional. Suddenly, instead of walking half naked through those decadent castle halls, Donald was staring blankly at a Polish sausage, scouring a “Polish Slang” dictionary, and rifling through his speedo stash, exhibiting the textbook method addict behavior.

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Episode 6 “Tribal Council”, which aired this last Tuesday, left many fans yelling at the screen” Who the F#$% are you!!?”

In the mid season cliff-hanger, (or shall we say Michal-hanger) it was revealed that our beloved Michal, long time Polish/mute fan favorite, may indeed be an impostor. As the cast sat down for the final scene in the series of “Amazing Survivor/Survivor Race” themed episodes, nobody could have predicted how the Tribal Council would end. While hunky host Jeff Frobst began questioning the cast on who should be voted off, it was immediately clear that tensions were still high after an earlier blow up during “Pool Challenge.” (Sammi and Gus had defeated Cliff and Javalene in a chicken fight.) The ever demure Javalene was shocked as Robby voted her off first in a strangely honest and poignant moment.

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