Baby Drama

Living with Models Season 2 sure has thrown this writer for a loop. As Episode 3 “The Runway Challenge” aired on Tuesday, gasps could be heard across the globe as Sammi uttered the words every model dreads, “I’m pregnant.” Although it might seem a bit strange to reveal her condition to America, while attempting to keep the secret from her housemates (especially adorable Javalene), Sammi insists she had a very good reason. “Yeah, I could have just talked to Lauren. But, I went to the bathroom and the confessional was right there. So I told the next best person, the camera. What’s the harm in telling a camera your secrets? It’s not a person.” Although the show revealed Sammi’s fate, the father has yet to be named.

We have received many guesses from readers as to who it could be:

@twilightfever247 wrote “It’s totally Cliff. I mean, cause they are totally in love. And plus, he’s totally the Edward in this situation.”

@doucheman7 retorts, “It’s the Polish guy. Cause she likes foreign men. I can tell.”

@batmannerd029 chimes in, “Has anyone even thought of Director Jeff? He’s so clearly the red herring. I’m gonna be laughing like Joker in the Batman Comic spinoff: Jokers Last Laugh, when I’m right. I’m gonna use my venom to jokerize all of the super villains on Earth, and unleash them on the populace. Haha, suckers.”

Well, there you have it folks. It looks like everyone is pretty split on this. Guess we’ll just have to wait for Episode 4, airing this coming Tuesday.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed by producers that Robby is returning for Season 2 in next weeks episode. But they could not confirm or deny that it has to do with Sammi’s pregnancy. Stay tuned for Robby drama!

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