Episode 6 “Tribal Council”, which aired this last Tuesday, left many fans yelling at the screen” Who the F#$% are you!!?”

In the mid season cliff-hanger, (or shall we say Michal-hanger) it was revealed that our beloved Michal, long time Polish/mute fan favorite, may indeed be an impostor. As the cast sat down for the final scene in the series of “Amazing Survivor/Survivor Race” themed episodes, nobody could have predicted how the Tribal Council would end. While hunky host Jeff Frobst began questioning the cast on who should be voted off, it was immediately clear that tensions were still high after an earlier blow up during “Pool Challenge.” (Sammi and Gus had defeated Cliff and Javalene in a chicken fight.) The ever demure Javalene was shocked as Robby voted her off first in a strangely honest and poignant moment.

Sammi, in a surprisingly lovely act, urged that “No one should go home.” Then it all came crashing down when Cliff uttered, “Gus” with no hesitation. Gus leapt from his chair with masculine urgency meeting Cliff at the edge of the fire pit. With an almost caveman response, Cliff motioned to his fists, “You got this guy and you got this guy, let’s go buddy!” With more testosterone swirling than one person can stand we watched in anticipation, hoping that these two would finally duke it out over their love for the same woman. (Lauren was unavailable for comment) However, the fight was stopped by Michal who ended the screaming mess with a confusing slew of English words about “Drama” and “Lines to study.” I for one, was too distracted by the fact that so many sounds were coming out of his mouth to actually listen to him. But the one thing we do know, is that next episode is set to finally show exactly who “Michal” is. In an official statement, producers reveal, “Next episode will finally show exactly who Michal is.” So there you have it. Stay tuned to find out exactly who Michal is.

Update/Correction: After a second watch, it seems Michal uttered the words, “Everybody stop it! Now I have an audition in the morning. And for as much as I’d love to stand here and listen to you guys work out your drama, I’ve got lines to study. So if you’ll excuse me.” I still don’t know what this means. He is very tan though.

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