Cliff and Sammi, America’s favorite model pair began dating 3 months ago when the two met at a Warmwater Creek runway show. Cliff was quoted at the time saying, “Sammi is such a great girl. Not only is she interested in my body, but she also loves clubbing…which is sort of a new hobby of mine.” It seemed like a match made in heaven when only three months later, Sammi spoke to OkGO Magazine saying, “Like, I finally know what it’s like to be even more hot. Cause he’s so hot. And we’re always together. So, like, we’re double hot.” The couple’s bond seemed unbreakable until this last summer, when they were hired on the new hit reality show “Living with Models.” Friends of the couple say things were going great until they met the new roommate, Lauren, a 23 year old college graduate with a degree in journalism. One friend of Sammi’s says, “Sammi told me she’s like not even that cute. So I don’t even know why he wants to be friends with her.” While most couples would be enjoying their time together at a beach house in Malibu, it seems the only thing they are enjoying is the million dollar view. However Clammi fans, there is hope on the horizon. It seems the couple is working through their differences. Their rep says, “Clammi is perfectly fine, and they look forward to many more 100 day anniversaries.”

Stay tuned for updates on this delicious duo.

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