Is Lauren the Bachelorette?

After weeks of speculation as to which one of the cast members is the lucky bachelor/bachelorette, sources have come forward to reveal that it is, in fact, Lauren! Producers have yet to confirm this information, however this writer has done a little digging  (and really…it just makes the most sense).

From the start, fans have been very invested in who Lauren will end up with. In fact, in Season 1 Episode 5 (“Hot Lauren”) Lauren’s blind date, Dominic, reportedly received millions of angry letters chastising him for standing her up. When Cliff began to show interest, fans automatically began forming “Team Cliff” websites and fan forums to discuss the show. Therefore it just seems like perfect timing, (and great writing), that she will be forced to make a decision between Cliff and her first love, Gus, in the Season 2 finale.

Will she choose the hot model with a heart of gold? Or will she choose long time boyfriend, gentleman, and lemonade drinker? We took a poll among our readers and it looks like 85% of our readers believe she should choose Cliff. And 10% of readers thought she should choose Gus, while 5% of you thought she should choose Michal/Donald/The Sarge. Not a single reader chose Kim. In fact, many readers weren’t entirely sure who Kim was.

A second poll wielded interested numbers as well. 40% of readers feel that Sammi and Gus should end up together. 25% believe that Cliff and Sammi should get back together. And a surprisingly large 35% believe that Sammi and Javalene should give it a go. Who will end up with true love? Find out next Tuesday for the Season 2 Finals of Living with Models!

UPDATE: After hearing about the information leak to the press, producers have come forward to confirm that Lauren is in fact the bachelorette, AND that she will be making her decision in a rose ceremony next week! Stay tuned!

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