Round one: Producer Cole versus Hot Lauren!

And Hot Lauren knocks Producer Cole out with one punch ladies and gentleman.
There’s only three words to describe the ending of last Tuesday’s episode of Living with Models: Game over Cole. Her eyes filled with tears as she watched Robby, the love of her life, run out the door with that delectably blurry minx. Fans will remember Hot Lauren from Season One, when she stole Robby’s heart and left him heartbroken on the floor. But honestly, can anyone really blame him for coming back to her? Hot Lauren had Robby hooked the minute she yelled “wooooo” in the foyer. In fact, ladies who wish to seduce a man should take note of her amazing strategy.

Step one: Look hot as hell. Step two: Ignore him completely. (better yet, forget his name) Step three: Get drunk. Step four: Wait for him to come to you, and when he does…make him drive you to a club. Brilliant. Hot Lauren has perfected the art of “Get a guy wrapped around you finger and then abuse him.” She might be my hero.

In other drama, Lauren has once again snubbed Cliff. After getting her hopes and dreams dashed by the less than coherent Carly Nykanen (star of Filmore Girls), Lauren allowed Gus to comfort her on the couch right in front of Cliff. The girl clearly has a problem with confrontation. Fans are now left wondering: Will Cliff finally snap? Will Producer Cole be able to wake up tomorrow? What the hell does Hot Lauren look like anyway?
These questions answered and more on the next episode of Living with Models, airing Tuesday! (except the Hot Lauren one…thanks a lot Director Jeff)

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