Watch out James Bond… there’s a new agent in town!

Viewers were left stunned as they watched their ditzy Sammi turn into a daring super spy right before their eyes. After expertly calculating the exact right moment to be in her room, Sammi waited in the perfect hiding spot as Javalene lead an intoxicated Cliff into a trap. After entering the room, Cliff passed out and Javalene’s true self finally emerged (Parental warning: Her true self likes to swear). And viewers were left wondering what happened to Cliff after Sammi managed to escape the room with her gymnastic feat of epic proportions.

This writer is ashamed to admit that, like many others, I have been completely under Javalene’s spell from the start. But, really, with that long perfectly curled blonde hair, and the biggest blue eyes you’ve ever seen, the woman looks like a Disney princess. It would take a true genius to realize the depths of Javalene’s manipulation. And Sammi, it turns out, just might be that genius.

In other news, Lauren finally had the guts to break up with Gus! However, it appears it might be too little too late. If Cliff and Javalene hook up, Lauren would most likely never be able to get past that. And who better to comfort her after the betrayal? Gus. But who knows how it will all play out next week. Will Cliff tell Lauren what happened? Will Sammi finally admit her feelings to Gus? If so, will he reciprocate? A woman with acrobatic ability, razor sharp intuition, and the body of Alessandra Ambrosio: he’d be really f%^&*8% stupid to turn that down.

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