Javalene Makes a splash

Tensions ran high on the set of “Living With Models” as Javalene, the adorable new addition to the cast, was allegedly pushed into the pool during a jungle-themed photo shoot by jealous model (and Javalene’s roommate) Sammi.

“I was only trying to help,” stated Javalene as she nursed one of her many internal injuries. “Sammi is still young and has a lot to learn about modeling, but I know that she’s a sweet person so I still want to help her, even in light of what happened earlier. I don’t want it this ‘accident’ to get in the way of our blossoming friendship.” Javalene’s poise in the midst of this crisis is, in the opinion of this journalist, a testament to her enduring spirit.

Sammi claimed that she simply wiped Javalene’s hair out of her face, and that “…the rest of it, well I don’t know, but I didn’t push [Javalene], and nobody believes me!” Sammi then rushed off in tears.

Raphael, internationally respected photographer, went on record to state that his $500 hand made Italian Topsiders were ruined as a result of the chlorine water damage. “Those were my favorite shoes,” said Raphael. He then vowed to take an oath of silence until his shoes are replaced.

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