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NEWSFLASH, WORLD! Living with Models just got its first big review. It all started with a tweet from WebVeeGuide.com saying, “Is @LivingwModels the best reality show ever? Check Susan’s review, then see for yourself! #comedy #models”

Could it be that everyone’s fave Castle dwellers have finally taken over?  Sammi weighs in on the review herself below:

LWM.COM: Sammi, what’s it like having been on two seasons of Living with Models, and to see it finally get the attention it deserves?

Sammi: Well, Ms. Interviewer… (Removes glasses slowly and dramatically)  We’ve all worked, like, so hard.  It’s so nice to hear people appreciate all that we do…for the world.  And like, we lived at a castle you know?  That deserves attention too.

LWM.COM:  Right.  What did you think of Ms. Siniawsky’s review?

Sammi: Oh em gee. Susan totes gets it. I feel like she’s the kind of person I could like grab lunch with.

LWM.COM: Really. You can tell that just from her review?

Sammi: Yeah, of course!  I mean, anyone who compliments me can have lunch with me. It’s more fun that way. (wink)

LWM.COM: Have you been getting noticed on the street?

Sammi: UGH. It’s the WORST. Sometimes I just want to be able to get my latte without a camera in my face. It’s so hard. But, I do it for the fans.

LWM.COM: Uhuh…What about Season 3? Have you been approached about it yet?

Sammi:  Oh. I am not allowed to talk about that.

LWM.COM: Really?

Sammi: Well, Lauren’s contractually obligated for like 10 more years, so she’s in it.  They are trying to find Cliffy to get him in Season 3, but he’s off the grid.  Javalene…she’ll be there….she’s everywhere…she never stops…(Sammi jumps out of her seat)

LWM.COM: Are you okay?

Sammi: I’m fine! I’m fine. You guys have security cameras in here right?

LWM.COM: Well, thank you for your time Sammi. Congratulations on a successful Season Two.

Sammi: OH EM GEE. Thank you so much. Do you wanna grab lunchie?

Check out WebVeeGuide’s review of Living with Models HERE.

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