Every blue moon there is a man who comes around that has the ability to step up to the plate. Someone who sees a problem, finds the courage within, and solves it with such grace and humility that he resembles a comic book super hero. Tuesday, that man was Gus Eggbert Fearn. Intervention specialist Robby had tried to persuade Donald with an honest and heartfelt angle, but was unable to finish his letter due to high emotions. The always lovely Javalene gave a somewhat confusing yet darling speech that didn’t seem to get through to him. And just when the group had lost all hope, Gus decided enough was enough. As he stared down his acquaintance and said, “Sit your patootie down mister,” girlish sighs could be heard far and wide.


Finally Donald began to listen to reason. Reading off line after brilliant line, Sammi and the rest of America grew more and more smitten with this hidden gem of a man. As Donald finally nodded in agreement, perhaps the most heartfelt moment of the episode came as he and Robby shared a loving embrace. After the intervention, Sammi decided things needed to be about her again, and tried to give Lauren an unsuccessful therapy session. However, the episode ended with quite a shock as we witnessed a possible new love connection between Robby and a sexy looking Producer Cole in the dungeon! Surprise surprise, could Robby have finally moved on from Hot Lauren? Are we about to witness 50 shades of Producer Cole? Find out next Tuesday in Episode 9!

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