GUS RETURNS?!?!?!?!?!


Gus, Lauren’s ex-boyfriend, shocked the Living With Models world when he made a surprise visit to the beach house to rescue Lauren at the end of season one.

It was revealed in the season two premiere episode “Castle Drama” that Gus’ return was actually part of a larger scheme to rescue Lauren from the show that has taken over her life. “As soon as I found out that the studio wanted me and Lauren to break up, I knew that I had to get her out of there.” Gus told an insider over a glass of lemonade.

When asked to disclose the amount of money exchanged, Gus declined to state. Inside sources assume the amount was pathetically small. “The studio paid me, so I immediately quit my job and took the first flight out to be with her.”

However, the twists and turns don’t stop there! Gus was then invited to be a part of the show, which he accepted. “I mean, it’s not that I had planned to be a part of the show… I just wanted to be back in Lauren’s life.” And he is.

Cliff was unavailable for comment.

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