Last Tuesday, millions were stunned as the season finale of Living with Models aired and many questions went unanswered. Are Lauren and Cliff officially together? What will happen with the studio? What will Lauren do about Gus?! Sorry folks, but it looks like you won’t get your answer until early next year. Apparently Season 2 is already in production as this article is being written. However, details on the cast and crew remain tight lipped. For now, all we can do is speculate. Lauren and Cliff are in dangerous territory after having just confessed their feelings in Episode 11 “Clauren.” And it seems like Gus means to win her back. (Judging from the oddly chosen rendition of Savage Garden’s “Truly, Madly, Deeply”) What can fans take away from the finale? Well, where we left off: Lauren was chloroformed again/confused. Cliff is mad at Sammi/sexy. Gus is sweet/tone deaf, Sammi ruined everything/feels bad, and the studio’s future is in peril. Does this mean we won’t get to see any more Boom Operator Robby? What about this new ball buster Producer Cole? Is she here to stay? If so, that might mean trouble for Director Jeff. The two did not seem to hit it off. All we can do is wait with baited breath. Until then, reruns will have to do.

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