Every blue moon there is a man who comes around that has the ability to step up to the plate. Someone who sees a problem, finds the courage within, and solves it with such grace and humility that he resembles a comic book super hero. Tuesday, that man was Gus Eggbert Fearn. Intervention specialist Robby had tried to persuade Donald with an honest and heartfelt angle, but was unable to finish his letter due to high emotions. The always lovely Javalene gave a somewhat confusing yet darling speech that didn’t seem to get through to him. And just when the group had lost all hope, Gus decided enough was enough. As he stared down his acquaintance and said, “Sit your patootie down mister,” girlish sighs could be heard far and wide.

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Well, it finally happened. They said they would be switching up reality show formats, and “switch it up” they most certainly did. The latest episode “The Amazing Survivor (Survivor Race)” not only revealed the father of Sammi’s baby (Polish model Michal!!) but also put together some controversial couplings for the upcoming race.

More importantly, they introduced host, Jeff Frobst, who managed to look both manly and intelligent as he announced the teams. (Numerous calls to production revealed he will be in upcoming episodes…YUM.)

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Meet the Creators – Lauren Reeder and Jeff Newman

Lauren and Jeff (both Southern California natives) met in the Drama Department at the University of California, Irvine. After graduating, Lauren pitched the idea of Living with Models to Jeff, based on her life when she moved to Los Angeles, and it was all history from there.

Lauren Reeder (Executive Producer/Co-Writer/ “Lauren”) – Lauren is an actress/writer/producer who’s most recent film Crush the Skull won the Jury Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Some of Lauren’s other acting credits include Valentine’s Day (Feature), Layover (Lifetime Movie Network), and Zirls (youtube).

Jeff Newman (Director/ Co-Writer/ “Director Jeff”) – Jeff is the the Creator/Writer/Director of Starz Digital Media’s popular online animated series Tvoovies. He recently co-wrote/directed his first feature length film, Bachelor Night, which is slated for release in the fall of 2014. He is currently the Creative Director for Cosmic Toast Studios in Burbank, CA.

Season 2 – Coming Soon

Season 2- Plot Synopsis-
After the climactic season one finale, we learn that Lauren’s old roommates, Cindy and Sarah, bought the studio that produces Living with Models. They move the cast and crew to a stunning castle in Del Mar, Ca. Lauren finds herself in the middle of a love triangle with Cliff and Gus. Sammi faces some important life decisions which help her find her humanity …and Michal still wears a speedo.

We are also introduced to the beautiful and manipulative model, Javalene, who quickly becomes the new “Sammi.” Hot Lauren returns to resolve things with boom operator Robby, and there might even be a surprise appearance or two by the Filmore Girls! Cindy and Sarah put the cast and crew through several types of reality show formats (such as: America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, Amazing Race, and The Bachelor). Season 2 will leave you laughing, crying, crying from laughing, and really turned on! Continue reading