Not too long ago, Cindy Katai and Sarah Harris were wandering the streets of Woodland Hills with nothing but the shirts off their backs. Cindy recalls, “We were thrown out in the middle of the night. We didn’t even get to put on pants.” Unfortunately there was nothing they could do and nowhere to go. “We had signed our lives away to this production, ‘The Woodland Hills.’ Even worse, we had also signed away our apartment, our belongings, and our money.” But this is not a story that ended in tragedy. In fact, the worst day of their lives turned out to be their ticket to riches. While panhandling near the intersection of De Soto and Burbank, a black limousine approached them. The back window rolled down, and a strange man gestured at them to enter the vehicle. Sarah recalls, “I knew it wasn’t usually a good idea to get into a car with a stranger. But at this point, anything was better than eating leftover Carl’s Jr. And boy, I am glad we got in that car.”

To their surprise the stranger had some wonderful news. They would be flying to Monaco on a private jet . Cindy smiles as she remembers, “That flight was the best time of my life. They had men that would serve you champagne while you took a shower. It seemed weird at first. But, if you think about it, it’s really the only way to shower.” Once they had arrived in Monaco, they were told that the reason they had been flown there was to inherit a fortune. Their distant uncle had died, leaving them with an immeasurable amount of money. (Actual amount was not disclosed) Yes, that’s right they were also related.

So, what do you do once you have everything you could ask for? Cindy and Sarah set out to achieve their biggest accomplishment yet, the A Life with No Wings Foundation charity event. Held in Paris on October 3rd, the event drew thousands of people wanting to contribute to its cause. While onstage, Cindy stated, “This is America. No one should end up on the streets after being fired from a reality show. We want to give women a safe place, with food and a bed until they can get back on their feet and find another reality show to be on. That is why we are so grateful for this wonderful turnout.” Sarah finished the speech by saying, “Cindy and I have decided that instead of asking you to open your own wallets, we will be giving 90 million dollars to the Life with No Wings Foundation.” Why would they create a charity event and contribute everything themselves, you ask? “We see ourselves as the Mother Teresas of our generation. That is if Mother Teresa had a clothing line in Milan’s fashion week.” To make contributions, visit A Life with No Wings Foundation’s website.

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