Well, it finally happened. They said they would be switching up reality show formats, and “switch it up” they most certainly did. The latest episode “The Amazing Survivor (Survivor Race)” not only revealed the father of Sammi’s baby (Polish model Michal!!) but also put together some controversial couplings for the upcoming race.

More importantly, they introduced host, Jeff Frobst, who managed to look both manly and intelligent as he announced the teams. (Numerous calls to production revealed he will be in upcoming episodes…YUM.)

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Baby Drama

Living with Models Season 2 sure has thrown this writer for a loop. As Episode 3 “The Runway Challenge” aired on Tuesday, gasps could be heard across the globe as Sammi uttered the words every model dreads, “I’m pregnant.” Although it might seem a bit strange to reveal her condition to America, while attempting to keep the secret from her housemates (especially adorable Javalene), Sammi insists she had a very good reason. “Yeah, I could have just talked to Lauren. But, I went to the bathroom and the confessional was right there. So I told the next best person, the camera. What’s the harm in telling a camera your secrets? It’s not a person.” Although the show revealed Sammi’s fate, the father has yet to be named.

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Javalene Makes a splash

Tensions ran high on the set of “Living With Models” as Javalene, the adorable new addition to the cast, was allegedly pushed into the pool during a jungle-themed photo shoot by jealous model (and Javalene’s roommate) Sammi.

“I was only trying to help,” stated Javalene as she nursed one of her many internal injuries. “Sammi is still young and has a lot to learn about modeling, but I know that she’s a sweet person so I still want to help her, even in light of what happened earlier. I don’t want it this ‘accident’ to get in the way of our blossoming friendship.” Javalene’s poise in the midst of this crisis is, in the opinion of this journalist, a testament to her enduring spirit.

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GUS RETURNS?!?!?!?!?!


Gus, Lauren’s ex-boyfriend, shocked the Living With Models world when he made a surprise visit to the beach house to rescue Lauren at the end of season one.

It was revealed in the season two premiere episode “Castle Drama” that Gus’ return was actually part of a larger scheme to rescue Lauren from the show that has taken over her life. “As soon as I found out that the studio wanted me and Lauren to break up, I knew that I had to get her out of there.” Gus told an insider over a glass of lemonade.
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Meet the Creators – Lauren Reeder and Jeff Newman

Lauren and Jeff (both Southern California natives) met in the Drama Department at the University of California, Irvine. After graduating, Lauren pitched the idea of Living with Models to Jeff, based on her life when she moved to Los Angeles, and it was all history from there.

Lauren Reeder (Executive Producer/Co-Writer/ “Lauren”) – Lauren is an actress/writer/producer who’s most recent film Crush the Skull won the Jury Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Some of Lauren’s other acting credits include Valentine’s Day (Feature), Layover (Lifetime Movie Network), and Zirls (youtube).

Jeff Newman (Director/ Co-Writer/ “Director Jeff”) – Jeff is the the Creator/Writer/Director of Starz Digital Media’s popular online animated series Tvoovies. He recently co-wrote/directed his first feature length film, Bachelor Night, which is slated for release in the fall of 2014. He is currently the Creative Director for Cosmic Toast Studios in Burbank, CA.


Last Tuesday, millions were stunned as the season finale of Living with Models aired and many questions went unanswered. Are Lauren and Cliff officially together? What will happen with the studio? What will Lauren do about Gus?! Sorry folks, but it looks like you won’t get your answer until early next year. Apparently Season 2 is already in production as this article is being written. However, details on the cast and crew remain tight lipped. For now, all we can do is speculate. Lauren and Cliff are in dangerous territory after having just confessed their feelings in Episode 11 “Clauren.” And it seems like Gus means to win her back. (Judging from the oddly chosen rendition of Savage Garden’s “Truly, Madly, Deeply”) What can fans take away from the finale? Continue reading


Cliff and Sammi, America’s favorite model pair began dating 3 months ago when the two met at a Warmwater Creek runway show. Cliff was quoted at the time saying, “Sammi is such a great girl. Not only is she interested in my body, but she also loves clubbing…which is sort of a new hobby of mine.” It seemed like a match made in heaven when only three months later, Sammi spoke to OkGO Magazine saying, “Like, I finally know what it’s like to be even more hot. Cause he’s so hot. And we’re always together. So, like, we’re double hot.” Continue reading


Michal, the new question mark addition to the new show “Living with Models,” is causing quite the frenzy in Tinseltown. Could billionaire heiress Paris Hilton finally be settling down? A source says, “It was love at first sight. She walked into the club and he was sitting alone at a table eating a sausage. Their eyes connected across the room and that was that.” Continue reading


Not too long ago, Cindy Katai and Sarah Harris were wandering the streets of Woodland Hills with nothing but the shirts off their backs. Cindy recalls, “We were thrown out in the middle of the night. We didn’t even get to put on pants.” Unfortunately there was nothing they could do and nowhere to go. “We had signed our lives away to this production, ‘The Woodland Hills.’ Even worse, we had also signed away our apartment, our belongings, and our money.” But this is not a story that ended in tragedy. Continue reading

Season 2 – Coming Soon

Season 2- Plot Synopsis-
After the climactic season one finale, we learn that Lauren’s old roommates, Cindy and Sarah, bought the studio that produces Living with Models. They move the cast and crew to a stunning castle in Del Mar, Ca. Lauren finds herself in the middle of a love triangle with Cliff and Gus. Sammi faces some important life decisions which help her find her humanity …and Michal still wears a speedo.

We are also introduced to the beautiful and manipulative model, Javalene, who quickly becomes the new “Sammi.” Hot Lauren returns to resolve things with boom operator Robby, and there might even be a surprise appearance or two by the Filmore Girls! Cindy and Sarah put the cast and crew through several types of reality show formats (such as: America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, Amazing Race, and The Bachelor). Season 2 will leave you laughing, crying, crying from laughing, and really turned on! Continue reading