Method Acting Addiction is no joke folks. At least that is what I learned this week after watching Episode 7, “There’s Something Else About Michal.” The tension was palpable as the cast of LWM slowly uncovered the dark truth about Michal/ “Donald Tikins.” Fans could hardly believe their eyes as they watched him suddenly transform from a piece of Polish man meat into a tortured and addiction ridden actor. “It’s just something people don’t understand,” Donald stated as he clearly began to get emotional in the confessional. Suddenly, instead of walking half naked through those decadent castle halls, Donald was staring blankly at a Polish sausage, scouring a “Polish Slang” dictionary, and rifling through his speedo stash, exhibiting the textbook method addict behavior.

The most touching moment of the episode came when Robby, his long time bestie, gathered the group for a much needed intervention. As he stated, “We are all here because we all care about Michal…Donald,” it was clear that everyone in that room was ready to help. Everyone except a sour faced Cliff, who seemed annoyed and bored by the situation (denial is one of the stages of recovery for family and friends of addicts.) The episode ended after Donald entered the house, post audition, and discovered his friends all gathered and waiting for him. Left in anticipation of his reaction, fans are now left wondering, “Will Donald stay to hear them out?”, “Will Donald go to rehab?”, “Will we ever see MIchal/Donald’s bare chest again?” All of this will be revealed in the next episode, airing on Tuesday. Robby, the groups Intervention Expert, has contacted us to leave a special message below to fans who might be dealing with a method addict family member or friend.

From Robby- Intervention Specialist:

Dear Readers,
This weeks episode was very near and dear to my heart. Donald has been my very close and trusted friend for quite some time. And although we have only shared a few words, our connection through eye contact and physical touch has been unparalleled. I am more than willing to get to know the real Donald, if he is willing to get the help he needs. If you or someone you know is suffering from Method Acting Addiction, please do not hesitate to call this hotline:


That is my personal home phone number. I am more than willing to coach anyone suffering through this disease. I will leave you with a quote from Margaret Atwood. “Every habit he’s ever had is still there in his body, lying dormant like flowers in the desert. Given the right conditions, all his old addictions would burst into full and luxuriant bloom.”

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